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In 1969, Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in Ohio, US, and now their branches are present all over the world. It has grown to become the world’s third-largest hamburger chain and boasts over 6,000 branches worldwide.

The iconic smiling redhead known as Wendy’s logo worldwide was based on Dave Thomas’ redheaded fourth daughter who had the middle name “Wendy” which was also her nickname. Her full name was Melinda Lou “Wendy” Morse, and the iconic chain’s name and logo are based on her image and name.

talktowendys survey

This Talktowendys survey is also famous as Wendyswantstoknow Survey. The aim of this survey is to collect customers’ opinion about Wendy’s. In this way, customers can talk to Wendy’s about their fulfillment levels. By using this method, Wendy’s can measure the market value of this business. Customers are free to make a judgment what Wendy’s has offered.

Wendy’s will accept both positive and negative feedback from customers. Customers can also give compliments if they have enjoyed Wendy’s foods. If customers let Wendy’s know about the awful part of it, it will be a chance for them to make improvements to that aspect.

This is an advantage for Wendy’s management team. Wendy’s will acknowledge customers for taking Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. The customers can get a redeemable coupon from Wendy’s.


Talktowendys : Wendy’s History

Wendy’s is a well-known chain of fast food restaurants. The founder was Dave Thomas, started everything in Ohio, the United States. He had his first restaurant launch on November 15th, 1969. It was in E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio.

The business has undergone ups and down. Later, It has merged with an American company. Now the headquarters of Wendy’s company is in Dublin, Ohio. Wendy’s has made good development in the franchised product. It has also has introduced its iconic logo. It is a face of a little girl with her hair in braids. Wendy’s stores are not only in the United States. You can find Wendy’s stores around 6650 places worldwide.

Dunkin provides same portal for its customer by Telldunkin. To participate in dunkin customer survey, you need to keep your recent purchase receipt.

Like wise, Sonic had these portal for customers to submit their feedback and suggestions about their products and services from the portal Use your survey receipt to participate in talk to sonic survey for customers.

Talktowendys Survey Prizes

Take the Talktowendys survey about your Wendy’s experience within 14 days of your visit, and you will receive a code of your choice for a BOGO Spicy Chicken or Dave’s single sandwich.

Steps to take the Talktowendys survey

  1. Make a purchase at any Wendy’s restaurant
  2. Save your purchase receipt
  3. Visit Wendy’s Survey Website and use the code on the receipt to participate in the online survey
  4. Save the code at the end of the survey
  5. Visit Wendy’s within the next 14 days to redeem the offer
Talktowendys Survey Eligibility
  • The customer must make a purchase at Wendy’s
  • The code is valid for 14 days after taking the survey
  • Maximum usage: 1 coupon per 30 days
  • Customer will definitely need a computer and internet access to access the survey


I hope this article on Talktowendys is helpful to the readers. For any leading business chains, you can simply visit their official website.

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