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Jacklistens | Jack In The Box SURVEY

Jacklistens – Jack in The Box is a US-based hamburger chain; it was founded in 1951 and it has their branches in 22 states. Jack in The Box serves classic fast food such as hamburgers, fries and other delectable snack or dinner foods. Nowadays, many restaurants are currently using this method. According to them, this method is much more effective. As a business Sonic always try to give innovation. As a courtesy to their customers, the chain offers a special survey that customers can participate in exchange for two free tacos on their next visit.


Jacklistens – History of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain that was founded by Robert O on February 21, 1951. The chain has around 2,200 stored in the US, primarily they were serving the West Coast of the United States and selected large urban areas in the eastern portion of the US including Texas and the Charlotte metropolitan area. Their food items include a variety of chicken tenders and French fries along with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and sandwiches along with other selections of internationally themed foods such as Mexican tacos and Chinese egg rolls.

Survey Prizes

In exchange for taking the survey, you will receive a code that you can redeem for two free tacos at any branches of Jack In The Box that offers two free tacos upon completing the survey.

Jacklistens Survey Hack

The secret survey hack is unknown by many, you can take the JackListens survey every single time you visit at Jack In The Box. This means you are eligible to receive two free tacos every single time you visit Jack In The Box. That’s great, isn’t it!!

Steps to take the Jacklistens survey

  1. Visit any location of Jack In The Box’s restaurant, make sure you purchase and save the receipt of your purchase
  2. Visit the site of Jack In The Box to begin the survey
  3. Choose the language you prefer either English or Spanish to complete the survey
  4. Enter the 14-digit receipt code into the survey form when prompted in website
  5. Complete all the questions of the survey
  6. Write down the code you will receive at the end of the survey to redeem your reward of two free tacos at your next restaurant visit in Jack In The Box

Survey Eligibility for Jacklistens

The customer must make a purchase at Jack In The Box to be eligible for the survey. The customer must save the receipt in order to participate in the survey. The customer will definitely need a computer and internet access to access the survey.


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MyBKExperience – Participate Burger King Survey/Feedback: Free Burger

Burger King is on of the largest fast food chain with more than 15,000 branches all over the world. With the new MyBKexperience survey, customers can use the code on the receipt to take an online survey and in return they will get a code that they can use at any Burger King location within 48 hours after taking the survey to receive a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich of their choice.

And the best part is, the free sandwich is unlimited as long as the customer has the valid receipt to take the survey. That’s great, isn’t it!!

MyBKExperience – Survey HISTORY :

Burger King is an American hamburger and fast-food restaurant chain. Burger King is very popular for the quality of their service and great taste of their burgers. Burger King also specializes in soft drinks, milkshakes, salads, and a lot of other edible items as well.

Burger King is the second largest hamburger chain in the world. It was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, the company ran into some financial troubles and it was bought by two of its franchisees and was renamed Burger King after that incident.

In the next section, the whole procedure of the MyBKExperience survey and how the customer can enter the required information is explained below in details. Also, note that this survey is only for the people who have visited a Burger King restaurant in their area.

Steps to take  survey MyBKExperience Feedback

  • Visit the survey site at
  • Enter the restaurant’s code number from the top of the recent receipt into the survey’s blank on the first page of the website
  • Choose the preferable language, English or French
  • On the next page enter the 20 digit survey code from your receipt
  • Click ‘Start’ to start the official survey of Burger King
  • Answer the rest of the survey questions properly by giving Burger King your honest feedback about your experience so they can use that to improve their future customer experiences
  • At the end of the survey you will be given a validation code that you can bring in to your next Burger King visit, so that you can receive your choice of a free Whopper or Chicken sandwich

MyBKExperience Survey Eligibility

To enter the Burger King’s survey, the customer must have a valid receipt from the recent meal at any Burger King’s store location

The customer needs to save the receipt to enter the code from the receipt into the online survey
Customer will definitely need a computer and internet access to access the survey And also the customer need’s to speak either English or French, as those are the two languages the survey is offered in. Incoming search terms : Mybkexperience, MyBKexperience survey, MyBKExperience Feedback

I hope this article is helpful to the readers. For any leading business chains, you can simply visit MyBKExperience official website.


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