Alice Mail Login Accedi E-mail

The service is completely free and can be used in various ways: from the browser, simply by accessing the website of Alice Mail; From an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, properly configuring the account parameters; Or from smartphones and tablets using any application for surfing the Internet or an email client and To login to Alice Mail follow the link.

Alice Mail Login : Accedi – E-mail

This service dedicated to Tim subscribers, offers all the latest facilities and good quality, the service can be used anywhere using a browser to access directly from the web, or using the appropriate parameter settings, you can use your account assigned any email software, Outlook, Live, Thunderbird etc …

With the e-mail service, the TIM Group provides a direct line between the company and customers, with whom communicate efficiently on the subscription chosen, service information but also promotions and much more. This service can of course count on a robust, server efficiency and relative connection offered by the largest and most powerful Italian Provider.

Steps to Login Alice Mail :

  1. Name and surname
  2. Phone number and any recovery cell
  3. Choose a username and password to use for access (to keep in mind that the username you choose will then also the address of the email)
  • Choose security question for improved account security
  • Confirming the ideas accepting the terms of service
  • Click the button to confirm the creation of the new account

What to do if you forgot the password of Alice Mail email

Fortunately it does not happen often, but when it happens better to know what and how to do, otherwise we risk being left without access to e-mail with the possibility that this also affects our work! It must be said that losing the access password you risk slipping into an odyssey rather heavy, the restoration, in fact, leads to seek assistance from the alice technical support which may request documents to verify identity and ownership of the account, with recommended sending faxes and much wasted time.

Not to take risks it is recommended to store in a safe place both the password and the security question, but to better protect the mail account is recommended to change your password often at least every 6 months, usandone complex that include letters, numbers and one or more special characters.

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